Flat Drip Emitting Pipe

Leading Flat Drip Emitting Pipe Manufacturer in India

We are the leading Flat Drip Emitting Pipe manufacturer in Gujarat. Our company possess a great experience in this fields & have served thousands of the clients worldwide. It has good anti-blocking performance & filters are also present in these pipes. These drippers are made using the superior quality & after passing the strict quality testing they are supplied & exported worldwide.

It has the diameter of 12mm, 16 mm and are available in black color. It can handle the pressure of the 30 to 120 Kpa. The rated flow of the pipe is 0.8 to 3.0 l/h. And, distance between dripper can be easily adjusted beside they have wide application scope.

Have any requirements related to the Flat Drip Emitting Pipe kindly approach us for more details.

Flat Drip Emitting Pipe
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